Our capability includes wire- and spark erosion, tool- and appliance building as well as the production of precision parts.


As one of the most important parts of our work we see a good collaboration and a productive exchange with any of our customers. We will work out an individual solution for your project, to save time and money in production without loss of quality. Due to our large range of manufacturing processes we are able to offer you outstanding quality for reasonable prices for your products. 


We offer the production of several tool types, from small series parts to prototypes, display models and much more including their surface treatment.

Tool building

Our years of experience and special knowledge in terms of different material e.g. classic tool-steel, hard metal and others, results an increase of lifetime especially of punching, embossing and pressing tools, as well as general wearing parts.


A technical, high quality and economical perfectly manufactured product is what we are offering you in connection with good service.


Spark erosion is our main competence. Our modern machinery for wire cutting and sinking, together with our well trained employees enable a perfect implementation of your product. 


Many different materials are in stock, so we can start working on your order as soon as possible. Our huge range of machines makes it possible to work flexible on any of your projects. 

Turning, milling, driling, grinding,...

HPN offers manual as well as CNC controlled turning, milling, drilling, grinding.


Efficient manufacturing is possible through the cooperation between the different techniques. Not only single parts, but also large series are part of our product range.