About us

HPN GmbH exists since 1995 as both, a tool- and appliance building company, and an erosion centre. 


Our matter of concern is to be a good and reliable partner for our national and international customers from all different industries. Your quality requirements are our priority.


History of HPN

HPN was founded more than 20 years ago as the company "Zettler" closed down their tool building department. 


So HPN was able to take over "Zettlers" machinery. As HPN also held some workers, they made sure that the know-how did not get lost. That was how the new company for tool- and appliance building was founded. From the very beginning on erosion was a mayor part of the tool buildig progress. By frequent expands of the machine park we made sure that our machines were always up-to-date, to offer our customers the latest techniques. Currently the erosion is the most important component of the company HPN. 

HPN and rb

Owing to good cooperation between the companies HPN and rb our customers receive a higher machinery capacity, which relates to shorter progress times. As well the cooperation between the two companies makes it possible to offer our customers tools in differnet sizes from a single source.